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Kavi Shoes Industry and Trade Inc. He started to produce shoes in Beyazıt and Gedikpaşa in 1976 under the name of Develi Kundura, completely handmade. As a company that has been serving this sector for many years, it has contributed to the training of many craftsmen in the sector as well as delivering its products to its customers. During these years, when shoes were produced only in Istanbul, he sold shoes to all provinces of Turkey. Our company has been operating in the shoe industry in the fields of Shoe Production, Shoe Collecting, Leather and Sole Assembly, and still continues to offer its products and services to its customers in the fields of Material Wholesale and Work Safety Shoe Production.


The most valuable capital of Kavi Safety Shoes is its production automation power, quality products and valuable human resources. As a company, we allocate a significant proportion of our turnover to R&D studies every year and we continue to reflect our innovative approach to the shoe industry. By supplying Kavi Work Safety shoes to more than 300 companies in different sectors, we deliver quality to our customers at an affordable price.




With more than 40 years of experience in the shoe industry, we deliver our quality products to our customers. We have a very experienced team that has an industrial perspective and comes from the kitchen of the business.
We have adopted the principle of creating happy customers by showing the effort we show while selling to our customers, also after sales.
We offer our new products to our customers with the R&D studies we carry out by allocating 10 percent of our turnover.
We have the energetic and dynamic Kavi team spirit, passionately pursuing the better.

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